From the hookah tubes used while smoking hookah, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Hermes etc. The danger of spreading a wide variety of infectious diseases such as

In common usage, using replaceable nozzles called ‘SIPSY’ is not the solution. Because, due to the breathing of dozens of people, a germ and bacteria form inside and on the walls of the Lancet, and a disease is transmitted from one person to another through my living room.

Every time you use a normal hookah hose, if the person who used the hose before you drank a different aroma than the one you drank, that aroma definitely stays in the hose and reduces the real taste of the aroma you drink.

As the normal hookah hose gets old, it gets clogged over time and slows down the flow of the taste coming from the hookah. By using the disposable lance, you will always feel the real taste of the hookah you are smoking very fluently.

Disposable hookah tubes will enable you to smoke hookah in a healthy and enjoyable way and will remove all the question marks in your mind.